Executive Summary

The Windessa Group is an Intellectual Property (IP) management firm providing technology companies with communication, advocacy, analysis, and strategic services for Patent matters.  From years of experience with Intellectual Property and its related business and engineering activities, we have gained a holistic understanding of the Intellectual Property process.  We have developed a set of tools that enable management to better understand their Intellectual Property, its competitive strengths and weaknesses, actual and projected costs, and current and best strategy moving forward.

We are advocates for all Intellectual Property matters acting as a liaison between companies and patent attorneys.  Our goal is to establish a better understanding and add value to all the aspects of the patent process such as managing the application process by vetting both the business and technical aspects of a potential patent.  We are not lawyers, but businessmen and scientists dedicated to optimizing the attributes of a given patent and/or patent estate and limiting unnecessary expenses.

We are often called upon to prepare Board presentations.   We have a complete resource capability dedicated to these functions.  From experience we have learned what management needs to know, in depth, regarding their Intellectual Property and how to effectively present it to executives and Boards.  These can be complex issues, but our skill set is to make them easy and friendly to comprehend.

We work with your attorneys or, if you prefer, we will recommend prosecution legal talent.  If we conclude you are not being serviced well by your Intellectual Property attorneys we will politely inform you, if requested.  We also use patent litigators, when appropriate, to review and restructure applications in order to design Intellectual Property that will be more effective for patent enforcement and litigation.  We can perform a one-time Intellectual Property analysis for potential investment purposes or the complete suite to eliminate losses and strengthen your Intellectual Property.