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Before You Buy Renewable Energy System

We love party discussions about solar wind turbines and photovoltaic (PV) panels for generating electricity, especially for governments and local area projects that need to be voted on. There are so many wrong ways of building such systems. If it’s worth installing one, you have to do a few things before that will save you a […]

Strategy for America’s Energy Consumption

Our country is pushing a great deal of money into renewable energy, i.e. Solar photovoltaic (PV) Panels and Wind Turbines.  In the military, we call this, “Good Initiative, Bad Judgment.”

Electric Cars and Batteries

Electric Cars are not the end all, be all, solution concerning pollution. In fact, electric cars are not without pollution. The pollution comes from producing the electric that is used to charge their batteries. Further, in the manufacture and eventual disposition of the car batteries, pollution is a major factor. The current battery technology utilizes some very toxic materials […]

Solar Water Heaters

What is the best renewable energy investment you can make? Solar Water Heaters.

Renewable Energy … AC vs DC

All electricity is not the same. We blogged earlier about differences in Voltages, Current, Wire Gauges, Hertz (as European vs American), and we slightly touched on AC and DC power. Now let’s talk about something sexy, RENEWABLE ENERGY.