Intellectual Property Cockpit View

What Is An Intellectual Property “Cockpit” View?

The Windessa Group has created a tool providing a top-down view of the IP estate. It begins with an overview screen that lists the Intellectual Property categories in the estate and currently in force. The protocol at this point is the “drill-down” method. By clicking a given category a list of patents associated with that category is displayed. By clicking on a given patent, a new screen is displayed with all the following administrative data displayed:

  1. Patent Title – with “nickname”
  2. U.S. and foreign applications and, if granted patent numbers
  3. Where the patent has been applied for or has been granted
  4. Inventor(s)
  5. Owner(s)
  6. Relevant dates graphically displayed
  7. Patent roots – parent, provisional, continuation, divisional, CIP, or pioneer
  8. Annuity status and costs

Additionally are a set of buttons. By clicking one of the appropriate buttons the following PDF files will be displayed:

  1. U.S. Patent
  2. U.S. Patent Wrapper
  3. Related Foreign Patents (U.S. root). This window will display all countries where a patent is in force (nationalized). By clicking on a given country the appropriate patent will be displayed.