Intellectual Property Cost Analysis

What Is Intellectual Property Cost Analysis?

It is a detailed financial tool that reports current patent costs and projects future expenses. Traditional financial pro forma’s, show mostly aggregated cash flow issues. The Windessa Multi-Dimensional Pro Forma™, created by executives with corporate and banking experience, is a detailed management tool that uses direct and anticipated fixed and variable expenses to provide a spreadsheet report. The Windessa Multi-Dimensional Pro Forma™ allows executives to see hidden costs, properly evaluate an intellectual property project, and truly understand and comprehend a company’s patent portfolio with respect to revenue and expenses.

Data is represented in spreadsheet form as well as with graphs and charts in order to better understand Intellectual Property expenses. The report separates and delineates data by category including anticipated future costs. Management is better able to assess and plan for the resources required to meet planned goals (quarterly or monthly). As changes occur, – application expenses, annuities, legal fees, etc. – alerts with modified reports are generated. We audit all your monthly attorney expenses for approval before payment.

Intellectual Property is expensive to support because all countries levy periodic Intellectual Property maintenance fees – annuities. A common problem is IP in countries that do not economically justify nationalization, continuing, or the thrust of the IP is no longer or ever was relevant. We make recommendations accordingly.