Our Services


We are often requested to prepare a PowerPoint or equivalent presentation for management planning sessions, board meetings, universities, etc. Over the years we have developed sophisticated resources that explain complex issues in a simple and understanding slide show.

IP White Papers

From time to time we are asked by clients to publish a White Paper on a specific topic, such as a new technology and its IP potential, changes in patent law, a recommended IP tactic or strategy, etc..

IP Business Plans

We prepare Intellectual Property sections of business plans, including pro formas.

Multi-Media Presentations

We have resources and presenters available for multi-media presentations. These can include animation, sound, and scripted presentations.

IP News

As appropriate, we will provide emails to inform clients of significant news in the Intellectual Property world, particularly regarding the recent changes in the U.S. Patent law.

Classroom Presentations

We are often called by businesses and universities to present Intellectual Property classes for general or specific training sessions. These are usually one to two hour presentations with Q&A and “what if” sessions.